Zero Trust

Zero Trust assumes that users shall not be trusted without good reason. This makes the system safer and less vulnerable for hackers.

[Verification instead of trust]

What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is a principle for the safe design and implementation of IT systems. The basic idea behind Zero Trust is that users are never simply trusted and given access. Users must always be verified and are only given access on the basis of verification ("never trust, always verify").

Depending on what user or system needs, specific applications and systems are only made accessible with no more than the necessary rights.

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"You won't start to see it until you understand it."

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[Authorisation based on groups]

How Zero Trust works

With Zero Trust, users are not trusted without verification. In order to trust a user, you must know who that user is. If the user is authenticated, he/she can be provided access to the systems that the user minimally requires for his/her work. In KeyHub, the user privileges depend on the group to which the user belongs.

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[Only access to what is necessary]

Least privileged access

A key hallmark of the Zero Trust model is that users are assigned the least possible access rights. KeyHub works with the Least Privileged principle whereby users are assigned only those access rights that they need to do their work.

By giving users limited access rights, the risk of misuse of that access is also limited. This way, users have access, but never more than they need.
[Only access when necessary]

Temporary access

Sometimes, users only require temporary access at organisations. When they have finished, revoking this temporary access is often forgotten. This means users continue to have unauthorised access. This is a security risk. 

With temporary access, an expiry date of that access is also immediately configured. Once this expiry date of the temporary access has been reached, it is automatically revoked.

"You won't start to see it until you understand it."

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