As a fully Dutch IAM platform, we grant access rights to teams rather than individuals. Our decentralised nature is safer for organisations and user-friendly for employees. The central compliance module gives administrators control over access and helps to be compliant. 

Access rights are only necessary when required

Users only have access to the systems they need for their work. That may seem simple, but how can you determine which access rights a user needs? In a normal work situation, the IT Department assigns the access rights, but who knows better what users need than the users themselves?

KeyHub uses a unique Access Management method that assigns user rights on the basis of the group they belong to. The groups manage their own access under the 4-eyes principle.

Centralized compliance module

Compliance is a hot topic in many organisations. Being able to demonstrate that you have control and insight into your information security is important. This is how you exude confidence and professionalism as an organisation.  

Topicus KeyHub's central compliance module helps you identify, interpret and prevent potential security breaches. With the Audit Dashboard, you have real-time insight into all Access Management activities. And you can immediately see whether you are in control.  

A user-friendly solution

Converged IAM is not just a technical solution for cyber security. The user-friendliness of the platform increases employee productivity. The daily work process of employees is made more efficient and secure by, for instance, making them log in less often, simplifying the management of log-in data and giving them different access rights quickly. 

Having a complete IAM tool helps raise security awareness among employees. KeyHub makes teams aware and gives them responsibility for managing their own user data.

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