Security awareness

If employees are not aware of the dangers, organisations run security risks. Security awareness is achieved by way of ongoing attention for the subject.

[Only conscious users know the security risks]

What is security awareness?

Security awareness is term for the degree of awareness that users have about the dangers and risks in regard to online information security. By making employees aware of how security incidents arise and what the risks are, human error can be limited. The sense of responsibility of team members is vital in this. Most cyber security incidents are caused by human actions. The weakest link in IT systems is man. KeyHub makes employees aware and responsible for their own online security.

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"You won't start to see it until you understand it."

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[Everyone responsible, everyone safe]

Holding employees responsible

Most employees in an organisation know little about cyber security and do not feel responsible for this area. They assume the IT Department will keep them safe and that technical solutions such as firewalls and virus scanners will protect the team. This makes employees less alert to the security risks that the organisation faces.

Keeping employees informed and paying attention to online security will help create more awareness about the online security at organisations. This way, all employees help limit the online security risks.

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[Awareness creates security]

Constant attention for security awareness

In Topicus KyeHub, teams are responsible for the online security of information. The auditor can centrally check whether teams are in control. This automatically makes teams more aware of their actions in regard to online security. Group managers are notified when they need to audit the access rights of team members.

A team is kept up to date on the security events with the Audit trail. The CISO checks whether the group managers regularly carry out audits of their team. This ensures that irregularities are quickly identified.

[Automatically involved in security]

Security awareness in the system

In order to create security awareness among team members in organisations, training sessions are offered and security awareness programmes are implemented. This helps raise awareness among team members about the security risks involved in their own actions. Awareness about online security quickly dissipates, however, after some time has passed after a training.

With Topicus KeyHub, team members are held responsible and regularly confronted with online security issues. Team members and managers together manage the access to systems of the team and this thereby becomes an automatic part of the daily work. This ensures more security awareness among staff.

"You won't start to see it until you understand it."

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