We believe a safe world is a better place to live. That's why created KeyHub. KeyHub creates digital security for people. KeyHub is incredibly user-friendly and our users are crazy about it!

Join the revolution!

KeyHub bolsters security and makes providing access easy at the same time. To achieve this, we conceived a revolutionary concept: decentralised authorisation.

Decentralised authorisation means that the teams themselves provide access. Teams are authorised and responsible for the security.

Having teams authorise access is a revolutionary idea that makes total sense. We trust that our teams make the software that runs our company. We trust that our teams serve the systems that run the software. And now, with KeyHub, we trust our teams to provide the access. Join the revolution!


Least Privilege and Just-In-Time

A broad spectrum of accounts, applications, servers and passwords creates a vast sphere of possible threats. Most breaches are not advanced hacks, but merely involve the misuse of login information or basic session hijacking. Removing that route of attack drastically reduces the hacker's chances.

KeyHub is Privileged Access Management that is based on the principle of limited or least authorisation. KeyHub limits access rights for users to only enough to be able to do their work. So, with KeyHub, there is no "super user" - users with extremely far-reaching access rights. This reduces the risk of a super session being hijacked.

Just-In-Time reduces the possibility of threats even more by only giving access when it is necessary and revoking this access again when no longer necessary. This eliminates the risk that a privileged account is always present and open for attack.


Total access control

KeyHub offers a total solution for the access control of any organisation. Password management, account-sharing, administrator registration: all access is safely arranged, well-secured and controlled.