With Topicus KeyHub in Control

Topicus KeyHub provides all digital access of an organization. Password management, account sharing or administrator logins: all access securely arranged and properly secured.

Privileged Access Management

Gain control on high-profile accounts of admins, servers or financial applications.

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Corporate password management

All passwords and secrets safely stored in the team-based password manager.

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Access Governance

One overview with all access of every employee for ISO 27001 and GDPR.

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Single Sign-On

Manage Single Sign-On on group or team level.

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Topicus KeyHub

Next-level access management

The complete solution for Access Management and Password Security. Completely GDPR-proof and easy to integrate. With Topicus KeyHub all access to passwords, Single-Sign-On applications and servers is finally managed with the right responsibilities.


Although many of the benefits become clear when actually working with Topicus KeyHub, still we promise you these:

Raises awareness

Applied security awareness for all employees

Increase security

100% control over all digital access

Raise productivity

Easy to use without unnecessary actions

Minimise risk of former employees

No more access for ex-employees

Simplify ISO 27001

All access rights of employees in one overview

Decrease management costs

No more overhead on IT-management

What our partners say about Topicus KeyHub

“There was an instant connection with Topicus. Their approach on access management is unique and fits seamlessly with our vision on the changing IT landscape.”
Coert TempelmanCEO KNNS Business Solutions
“After an extensive market research we chose KeyHub from Topicus because they really thought every aspect of password management through.”
Mark VletterFounder Voys

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