Topicus KeyHub is a Converged Access Management Platform that grants access rights to teams instead of individuals. 

The decentralised nature of this logic is safer for organisations and more user-friendly for employees. The central compliance module gives administrators control over access and helps to be compliant.

[Which rights are assigned to whom?]

Access rights are only necessary when required

Users only have access to the systems they need for their work. That may seem simple, but how can you determine which access rights a user needs? In a normal work situation, the IT Department assigns the access rights, but who knows better what users need than the users themselves?

KeyHub uses a unique Access Management method that assigns user rights on the basis of the group they belong to. The groups manage their own access under the 4-eyes principle.

[One central password for access]

If you forget a password,
use password manager

Users login with weak passwords and share login information on post-its. This is a risk for the security at your organisation. A password manager ensures that passwords are safely stored. KeyHub helps by generating strong passwords. The password manager for teams limits human errors made when using and sharing login information.

[A logical combination]

Ease of use and safety do go hand-in-hand

Topicus KeyHub combines ease of use and safety for all users. With KeyHub, group managers manage the access rights for the users in their group. The central auditors check to ensure that these tasks are carried out. With Single Sign-On (SSO), users login once to gain access to the systems they need for their work. The user-friendly Two-Factor Authentication method makes this central login safe.

[Open and honest about access]

Transparency about security is standard these days

Your organisation must comply with all the laws and regulations that apply to online security. Write security guidelines before the access rights are established and used. Security events are automatically recorded in the Audit trail of Topicus KeyHub. This information is easily shared during an audit so that compliance takes less effort. In the Auditor Dashboard, auditors can find information in regard to who has which access rights within the organisation. As soon as action is required, users receive notifications. Ensure compliance to the rules and involve your staff in online security.

[Informed users ensure more protection]

Online security starts with awareness

Users are generally only half aware of the risks of working online. Users with a higher security awareness feel more responsible for the safety of the team. Topicus KeyHub makes users jointly responsible for the safety of their team. They receive notifications when actions are required and all security events are accessible for all team members. This means users can regularly be reminded about the importance of security. This also ensures that irregularities will be discovered sooner.

"You won't start to see it until you understand it."

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