We are pleased to announce the 8.1 release of Topicus KeyHub. The main focus of this release is to improve the usability of password management in KeyHub. It is recommended to update your KeyHub deployment.

Passwords in Topicus KeyHub

TKH-538 TKH-539 TKH-553 TKH-554 Password management has always been a hard topic to understand in KeyHub. With release 8.1, Topicus KeyHub greatly simplifies this by taking the user through this configuration step by step. It is now required to have a KeyHub password, which may be synchronised to your corporate directory. Users who do not have a KeyHub password will be prompted to provide one at their first logon.


Access rotating password on all pages

TKH-578 The feature to use a rotating password, which was introduced in KeyHub 8.0, has seen major improvement in 8.1. A quick access button is added in the main menu in the lower left corner of the screen. Via this button you can access your password from everywhere in KeyHub. The feature is now more prominently positioned as well in both the registration wizard and the password configuration wizard.


Group administrator is now called group manager

TKH-575 The use of the terms KeyHub administrator and group administrator were a common cause of confusion. From now on, group administrators are called group managers throughout KeyHub. The function and privileges of these users remains the same.

Small improvements

The following smaller improvements and bugfixes were made:

  • TKH-569 Entire bar is now clickable for opening and closing your vault
  • TKH-571 Fixed rotating passwords on Active Directory when account is not active
  • TKH-572 Removed return character at end of the rotating password
  • TKH-573 Fixed the menu on some pages on mobile
  • TKH-576 Modification requests did not show admins for some users
  • TKH-577 Fixed a foreign key constraint violation when deleting some accounts
  • TKH-579 You can now use port ranges in callback URLs for OAuth2 applications
  • TKH-580 Users who did not yet create a vault were unable to logon (Fixed in 8.1-1)
  • TKH-581 KeyHub kept asking for 2fa at logon (Fixed in 8.1-1)