Glenn Bakker 4/09/2023 5 min read

Topicus KeyHub 28

We are proud to announce Topicus KeyHub 28. This release focuses on continuing to expand the functionality for organisational units, a SDK for GO and performing maintenance.
As per usual, a number of assorted improvements and bug fixes are also included.

Organisational units

TKH-2522 We've continued our development on organisational units, in this release we’ve worked on the integration of group on systems in an organisational unit. Group on systems are now scoped to the set of organisational units, which is formed by the organisational unit of their owner group and its descendants. Content admins and members of the owner group of a provisioned system can always see all groups on systems, regardless of organisational unit constraints.

organisational units


TKH-1380 Our continued effort on the OpenAPI spec over the past few releases have led to a first release of an SDK for Go. This SDK is generated from the OpenAPI spec with Kiota. You can find the SDK in our open source repository: Keep in mind that this SDK is still considered alpha and its API may change in upcoming releases.


Assorted improvements

The following larger and smaller improvements and bug fixes were made:

  • TKH-2540 TKH-2547 Notifications on the dashboard no longer show the processors that are involved in the request.

  • TKH-2541 We now show from which parent group a nested account is inherited during an audit.

  • TKH-2542 The end date for a membership will now correctly be shown in the dashboard notification for the authorising group.

  • TKH-2543 The browser extension should now correctly handle and search through all vaults of a user, even when the total sum of vaults are more than 100 (up to 1000).

  • TKH-2544 We renewed our certificate for the Apple push notifications, such as the notifications sent to your device when using the KeyHub app for 2FA.

  • TKH-2545 Managers of a nested group, that has been set as the authorising group of the parent group, no longer get an error page when processing membership modification requests of the parent group.

  • TKH-2546 The 'My Groups' page no longer erroneously shows a message regarding not being a member of any group, if your groups are still being loaded.

  • TKH-2549 The total number of active pro accounts is now displayed on the 'About' page.

  • TKH-2550 Scheduled task, such as scheduled backups, will no longer start while KeyHub is updating.

  • TKH-2551 The manager of a group with an authorizing group for membership set, is now able to demote themselves or set an end date on their own membership.

  • TKH-2552 When removing a vault record, the name of the record is now also shown as a placeholder in the confirmation input field.

  • TKH-2553 We've improved the handling of concurrent calls on the KeyHub REST API.

  • TKH-2554 Resending the activation code for a new internal account will no longer result in an error for members of the internal directory's owning group.

  • TKH-2555 A manager of a nested authorizing group, who has been promoted through a KeyHub administrator, is now able to process membership modification requests without errors.

  • TKH-2559 TKH-2566 TKH-2567 Added a short description of how to manage internal accounts as a manager of an owning group to the manual, and made various small grammatical improvements.

  • TKH-2561 Fixed a visual bug that would occur when moving records from one vault to another vault, where it would seem as if the moved records were the only records in the target vault.

  • TKH-2563 We've resolved several errors that prevented adding a list of resource indicators to an OAuth2/OIDC application.

  • TKH-2564 We've improved the warning text that is shown when removing a certificate from a vault.

  • TKH-2569 Viewing an internal directory's accounts as a member of the directory's owner group should no longer result in an error for people who are also a member of the internal directory's helpdesk group.