We wish everyone a happy 2020! We start this year with a new release of Topicus KeyHub: 15.1. This release brings several enhancements requested by our users. As usual, a number of smaller improvements have been made and several issues have been fixed.

Specify an end time for authorization

TKH-1284 When authorization for a group is enabled, this authorization now has an explicit end time. The user can now be granted access for at most 2 weeks. During this period no new authorization is required to enable the group. The end time of the authorization is marked with a red triangle on the timeline.


Download the audit log as CSV file

TKH-970 The audit log is now exportable to CSV. The export follows the filtering specified on the audit log page with a customizable date range.


Small improvements

The following smaller improvements and bug fixes were made:

  • TKH-745 The browser extension is now compatible with Edge Chromium and will be published in the Microsoft Edge store.
  • TKH-1282 It is now possible to reboot or shutdown the appliance via the UI. An additional option was added to check the configuration.
  • TKH-1293 The release scripts were updated to push the new docker containers only when needed.
  • TKH-1294 Support for very old versions (v8 - v20) was removed from the RESTful API.
  • TKH-1295 The audit log now correctly shows vault records moved between personal vaults.
  • TKH-1297 The audit log now contains records for unlocking a vault.
  • TKH-1300 It is now possible to manually configure a logout URL for OIDC directories when the OIDC provider does support logout but does not publish it in the metadata.
  • TKH-1301 Permission from a KeyHub Administrator is now required to enable technical administration on a group.
  • TKH-1303 A new OVA is now built which can be installed offline.
  • TKH-1305 The date notation on some notifications on the dashboard has been fixed.
  • TKH-1306 The statistics page no longer logs a serialization error.
  • TKH-1308 It is now possible to mail the manager of a group via the auditor dashboard.
  • TKH-1309 The notification after changing the periodic audit configuration of a group has been improved.
  • TKH-1310 The count for overdue periodic audits on the auditor dashboard has been fixed.
  • TKH-1311 The MTA docker container has been improved to start and stop much faster.
  • TKH-1312 The secret is no longer displayed for OIDC directories.
  • TKH-1313 Adding a manager to a group could keep asking for unlocking the vault.
  • TKH-1314 Users moved from an LDAP directory to an OIDC directory could end up with an invalid password mode, making it impossible to change their password.
  • TKH-1315 Some license notification mails were not sent if the license was missing certain fields.
  • TKH-1316 An error was fixed when reading a password from the vault when re-authentication with 2FA was required.
  • TKH-1317 Sharing a vault record could give a permission denied error on the receiving end when opening that particular record.
  • TKH-1320 API documentation was added for account provisioning.