We are pleased to announce Topicus KeyHub 14.0. This release features the first iteration of our auditor dashboard. Also a lot of effort went into a complete rewrite of 'My groups'. As usual, a number of smaller improvements have been made and several issues have been fixed. Before upgrading to 14.0 be sure to read the following important notice.

Important notice: Updating the appliance

TKH-1159 Due to issues upgrading SaltStack and/or containerd.io, appliances prior to 14.0 may face issues installing system updates (see Issues installing system updates). These issues may cause automatic updates to fail as well. It is therefore highly recommended to manually update the Topicus KeyHub appliance to 14.0 before installing any system updates. For this, simply logon to the appliance manager, check for updates and upgrade to 14.0. After upgrading to 14.0 you can install any pending system updates.

Auditor dashboard

TKH-1047 We are very proud to announce our first iteration of the auditor dashboard. This dashboard gives a high level insight into the status of the groups in Topicus KeyHub. The auditor can verify if the groups are audited correctly and if vault records have not expired. Clicking on a group gives more detail, including the full audit trail for that group. By default the auditor dashboard is visible to KeyHub Administrators. This can be transferred via the properties of the group.

In the upcoming versions of Topicus KeyHub we plan on expanding this dashboard with more valuable insights. You can expect to see the last audit and the warning markers now shown under 'Groups'. If you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know.


Redesign 'My groups'

TKH-726 TKH-1136 TKH-1142 My groups has been given a complete redesign. The new pages give all members of the groups easy access to all information regarding the groups, such as its properties, performed audits and its members. Managers of a group use the same page to make modifications to a group or perform an audit.


Manager access

Previously found under my groups, this information has been lifted to a top-level page and shows all relevant information about applications and linked systems. Managers of groups and members of groups with technical administration can use this new page to create applications, link systems and manage access rules.


Dashboard notifications

TKH-1111 TKH-1112 You will now see a notification on your dashboard when a vault record certificated used by Topicus KeyHub is about to expire. This will give you a chance to correct the problem before it actually expires.


Small improvements

The following smaller improvements and bug fixes were made:

  • TKH-1139 You can no longer cancel a request after it has been accepted or declined.
  • TKH-1140 Topicus KeyHub will no longer try to remove groups from deactivated systems.
  • TKH-1147 A lot of translations have been cleaned up.
  • TKH-1149 Fixed an error in the release script.
  • TKH-1151 After reauthentication with a federated IdP, the temporary password is not shown anymore when the browser extension is installed.
  • TKH-1153 Source directory provisioning no longer results in repeated, incorrect audit records.
  • TKH-1155 The application server was upgraded to WildFly 16.
  • TKH-1156 The Java runtime was upgraded to Java 11.
  • TKH-1162 You no longer need to type the full name when removing a group on a system.
  • TKH-1175 Push notifications were migrated from GCM to FCM.

To the appliance, the following smaller improvements and bug fixes were made to:

  • TKH-1143 A backup is no longer made said not to do so.
  • TKH-1144 When transferring the session to the new url during install, it is now also allowed to manually logon.
  • TKH-1148 Renewed Let's encrypt certificates were not loaded after being fetched. This issue was already patched in 13.2-2.
  • TKH-1152 You can now change the directory type during install after trying one.
  • TKH-1154 An error was fixed when trying to start a backup recovery twice with the same file.
  • TKH-1157 IPs are no longer accepted as valid values for the external URL.
  • TKH-1158 The installer will now save your maintenance password in the vault for KeyHub administrators.