We are pleased to announce Topicus KeyHub 12.1. This release brings an improved German translation, lifecycle management for vault records and a number of quality-of-life enhancements for the configuration of account directories and linked systems. As usual, a large number of smaller improvements have been made and several issues have been fixed. With the added tests from both new features and improvements and the bugs we fixed our total number of automatic tests is now over 500.

Vault record lifecycle management

TKH-501 TKH-905 TKH-907 With Topicus KeyHub 12.1 you can add an end date to a vault record. KeyHub will display a warning for vault records whose end date has passed.
Additionally, you can set an optional warning period detailing how far in advance KeyHub should start warning about the upcoming expiration of vault records.
End dates for vault records, and their warnings, are visible to everyone who has access to the vault record.


Certificate pinning

TKH-867 You can now set a pinned certificate for a linked system, account directory or webhook destination instead of setting having Topicus KeyHub perform a hostname check on the certificate. This makes it easier to setup a connection to a server which has multiple hostnames.
To ease in setup, Topicus KeyHub can automatically fetch the certificate so you don't have to download and upload it again.


German translation

TKH-912 The German translation of Topicus KeyHub was originally written by non-native speakers and it showed. For release 12.1 the translation has been checked and updated by a professional translator so Topicus KeyHub no longer sounds like a bad 'Allo 'Allo! episode.

Small improvements

The following smaller improvements and bugfixes were made:

  • TKH-861 We have added tests to explicitly check the attribute values of provisioned accounts. We already had a number of tests which checked both the 'happy' and 'error' flows of provisioning but we lacked tests that checked if all resulting values were exactly as expected.
  • TKH-866 Maintenance mode is now clearly recognizable.
  • TKH-868 TKH-876 We made a few smaller improvements to setting up linked systems.
  • TKH-869 Topicus KeyHub now offers default searchfilters for LDAP and AD account directories, enabling you to avoid the error prone process of setting these up by hand.
    Custom filters are still possible, of course.
  • TKH-871 It is now possible to return objects as custom attributes for OIDC and SAML.
  • TKH-872 We have added tests to explicitly check the handling of requested claims in the oidc idtoken.
  • TKH-873 TKH-880 We fixed a few errors in the browser extension for Firefox.
  • TKH-884 Dropdowns are now more responsive and we fixed a display bug for Firefox.
  • TKH-886 We fixed a bug whereby the button to link groups to an application wasn't always available to managers of group that does technical administration of the application.
  • TKH-891 We updated the manual to be more in line with added functionality in one of the libraries we use.
  • TKH-893 TKH-894 TKH-895 TKH-898 TKH-910 TKH-911 We have fixed a number of smaller issues with creating and unlocking vaults and resetting vault passwords.
  • TKH-896 The ordering of vault records on the overview page should now be consistent.
  • TKH-897 Deleting a linked system should no longer result in an error.
  • TKH-901 All audit records should once again display the inputted reason in the audit log.
  • TKH-904 We changed the group-on-system field to an autocomplete field making it possible to link any group even if there are more than 100 groups available in the linked system.
  • TKH-909 An initial version (0.10) of a python-based sdk for programmatically talking to our backend is available upon request.