Topicus KeyHub makes managing user accounts simple & secure. Employees will have an easy to use solution
that will give them access to documents and applications.

Easy to manage

Comprehensive audit trail
KeyHub comes with an extensive audit log which provides insight into which user had access to which servers and applications. No more discussions on whether someone logged on but evidence-based control of all activities. Empower your company with a next-level audit trail.

Facilitates certification
When trying to achieve certifications like ISO 27001 or NEN 7510 KeyHub provides a head start. With full control of security and authorisation and detailed audit logging a considerable part of the certification process is taken care of.

And much more!
KeyHub offers much more to ensure maximum security while still being very easy to work with. For more information about all features or a detailed description of its inner workings, please feel free to contact us.

More insight

How does it work?

Access to everything within minutes
Kill accounts with just one click
Decentralized authorization

Tech specs

Developed in Java
Runs on WildFly
Supports a wide range of protocols