Tech specs

Topicus KeyHub makes managing user accounts simple & secure. Employees will have an easy to use solution that will give them access to documents and applications.

Software architecture
KeyHub is developed in Java and runs on WildFly, building on well accomplished standards, such as EJB 3 and JPA. With our pre-packaged Docker container, your KeyHub installation will always be up to date. We perform regular security and code audits to ensure the highest quality.

Session management
You are only asked for your password once every 4 hours and your 2FA once every week. This session is coupled to your browser on your laptop or phone and restricted by IP. Even if your laptop is stolen, while logged on, they won’t be able to abuse the stored session from another location. You can also terminate that session from another browser, eliminating any possibility of abuse.


How does it work?

Access to all required data within minutes
Revoke all access of (former) employees with just one click
Decentralized authorization

Why Topicus KeyHub?

Superior security
Easy to manage
Better control & more insight