Short videos demonstrating the possibilities of Topicus KeyHub

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Demo video's

A couple of short videos explaining some of the core features of Topicus KeyHub

Account registration and provisioning

This video shows the registration of a new user. Thanks to just-in-time provisioning every new colleague is able to register their own account. After configuring 2FA, the user can request access to the groups she requires to do her daily job.

The second part of the video shows the real-time provisioning. The user requires to log in on a client's server using a Remote Desktop connection. By default, all these accounts are disabled by KeyHub, which is shown in the video. By activating the corresponding group in KeyHub, the account is temporarily enabled and the user can log in to the client's system through RDP.

Request group access

With Topicus KeyHub users can request access to specific groups. The request is to be judged by the group manager(s) as they are responsible for the specific access that group provides.

Access can be granted and withdrawn with little effort by the people responsible without overhead on a central IT department.

Group activation

Groups in Topicus KeyHub can provision Active Directorys or LDAPs. By default, no active accounts exist on these directories. After activating a group in KeyHub, a personal account is provisioned on the connected directories and a user can log on.

As these accounts are time-based, KeyHub will deprovision these accounts after the time expires, leaving no active accounts on any user directories.

Privileged Access Management

Topicus KeyHub offers time-based real-time provisioning on Active Directories en LDAPs.

With a press of a button your personal account is provisioned on any number of user directories. After provisioning you can log on using either an SSH Key, your rotating password or your standard password.

After time expires, all your accounts on these directories are deprovisioned minimizing the thread landscape.

Team-based password manager

Topicus KeyHub contains a complete team-based password manager. Including a personal vault for personal, professional secrets.