Corporate Password Management

Topicus KeyHub's philosophy: corporate passwords are fundamentally different from private passwords.

Corporate passwords are fundamentally different from private passwords. You often need to share your password with a colleague. But which persons in your company have access to a password? How do you revoke access to a password? Topicus KeyHub puts you in control. Sharing passwords is team-based, is super easy and traceable at any time.

Team-based Password Manager

Topicus KeyHub makes using passwords secure and simple. Employees have access to a personal password vault and team vaults. Any employee in a team can add corporate usernames and passwords to the team-vaults. Topicus KeyHub also stores other secrets, such as two-step verification codes or secure files (for instance certificates).

In control

Does an employee need temporary access? Then he gets only temporary access to a vault. Is an employee leaving a team? Than his access to the team vault is revoked. Is an employee leaving the company? Than all his access is revoked. You're in control, thanks to Topicus KeyHub. The auditor dashboard shows who had access and when he had access. And through continuous auditing you check if the access rights are still correct. That way you're in control regarding ISO27001 and privacy regulations.