Access Governance

Our philosophy is: all access within an organisation should be transparent and hence retraceable to an employee.

Topicus KeyHub facilitates all access within the corporate environment. Therefore every event is traceable to an individual and stored in the audit trail. Whether it is accessing secrets and 2FA-codes or real-time elevation of privileges and single sign-on: everything is recorded in Topicus KeyHub. Not just convenient and secure, but a great help to compliance and ISO 27001 regulations.

In Control

Each group can be configured to require a reason before activation is possible. This reason is stored in the audit log and will be presented to all other group members on their dashboard. This creates actual social awareness on security.

Group managers are in control of their group and its members. Periodical checks on group members to ensure correctness and security is the responsibility of the group manager which introduces an easy procedure with little effort while maintaining control and accountability.