Seamless Security

Topicus KeyHub controls all access to your complete IT architecture. Combining central authentication with decentralised authorization provides more security with less thresholds.

Everyone has to authenticate to the same source. After authentication with second factor, the real revolution appears: decentralised authorization.

Access Management

It should not revolve around IT

Any organisation struggles with the same challenge: the broad spectrum of accounts, applications, servers and passwords continues to pose threads. Regaining control and maintaining compliance are challenges in both physical as digital access.

We cannot expect the IT department to carry this responsibility anymore. It is time to put the responsibility back where it belongs.

New mindset

Decentralised authorization

To cope with the aforementioned challenges, a new mindset is required. Digital access management should not revolve around the IT department. Instead, it is a common responsibility. Transparency and awareness lead to social control which actually results in a more secure organisation.

Access management should be seamless. Transparency, security and user experience are crucial. Topicus KeyHub realises this for your entire organisation.


This is Topicus KeyHub

In two minutes we explain our groundbreaking philosophy on access management.


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