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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Google as my Identity Provider?

Yes you can. Topicus KeyHub integrates with any Identity Provider that supports OpenIDConnect or SAML2. You can even use the 2FA-solution that Google provides and skip the built-in Topicus KeyHub 2FA.

I already have a 2FA-solution in place, can continue to use that?

Probably you can. Topicus KeyHub integrates easily with other solutions. If it's not possible, we are probably willing to build support for your solution as well. Just get in touch for the specifics.

Which Single Sign-On protocols does Topicus KeyHub support?

Topicus KeyHub supports OAuth 1, OAuth 2.0 (OpenIDConnect) and SAML2.

Does my organisation need a separate password manager besides Topicus KeyHub

No, Topicus KeyHub manages all passwords, secrets and other important files like certificates of the entire organisation.

Can I try Topicus KeyHub myself?

You can. Just head to the 'Try me' section on the website and fill out your e-mail address. After that, you get a link to download the open virtual appliance (OVA) yourself. It is completely free for up to 5 users.

If you disable AD-accounts, how do I still get my email?

The ideal setup includes a second Active Directory for group management. This way, the primary AD is used for email and the secondary AD can be used for authorisation purposes.

What are the system requirements of Topicus KeyHub

For the virtual appliance we recommend a virtual server with at least a dual core processor. 6 GBs of RAM and a 80 GB hard drive. Have a look at our Knowledge Base for more details on the prerequisites.

Topicus KeyHub Knowledge Base

Topicus KeyHub has its own Knowledge Base where you can find much more information and answers to potential questions. Navigate to https://topicuskeyhub.freshdesk.com/support/solutions and find out more.

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