About Topicus

Making an impact and increasing self-control is our mission.


Smart ICT-solutions is in our DNA. Making an impact on society is our mission. And putting each citizen in control is our goal. We are Topicus, an IT organisation with 800+ employees. Together with our many clients and products we are developing digital solutions in various markets, like Healthcare, Finance, Legal, Local Government, Education and since 2017 Security.

Topicus Security

Ever since our first SaaS-application was deployed early 2002, security of our systems is one of our top priorities. This 15-year experience provides us with a unique edge regarding our mindset, not in the least because we depend on the systems we develop. We struggled with our ambition of fine-grained access management and control on any data sources. Market solutions are primarily designed to generate revenue instead of actually solving problems. This led in 2013 to the first lines of code of what was to become Topicus KeyHub.

Corporate backing

Topicus has such a strong believe in our identity and access management solution that she decided to start a new division. Based solely on security and with Topicus KeyHub as our first commercialised solution, we are just beginning to shake up the world of cyber security.